For Sale: 1971 MGB

For Sale: 1971 MGB. After many years of driving this car, I must unfortunately sell it. All of the repairs and pictures for the car are available on this website. The latest 2 updates are a new battery (from Autozone) and brake calipers, pads, lines and fluid. Odometer isn’t accurate. Please read all of the information before asking questions. jxhughes(at) cell<four-zero-four-274-4848>  (I am frequently out-of-town and unavailable for discussion.) Price: $3,000

Note: New battery installed on 4/30/2018 (from Advance Auto Parts, cost about $124. Car runs fine.)  DeKalb County registration (for me) is $22.57/year.



2017-03-31 GAAtl – New brake calipers, pads and brake lines (in front)


2017-03-31 GAAtlanta – 1971 MGB – new brake calipers, pads, brake lines (in front) – <I forgot to take pictures during the installation.>
The picture is the car in the carport with the new brake calipers, pads and lines. It is now perfect-temperature, spring weather in Atlanta. The flowers are blooming and the skies are a brighter blue because the sun is making us warmer. HOWEVER, there is a yellow pollen that covers everything! When I go outside and breathe enough of the pollen, I start coughing and my eyes become itchy. After a rain, we have yellow puddles of water on the side of the road. In the news, a pollen-counter tells us that most of the pollen is from pine trees. The good news is that the pollen only lasts a few weeks.

Last night, I watched a DVD that I borrowed from the library. It is a Ken Burns film from PBS titled “The Dust Bowl”. After seeing it and hearing of people dying because of all of the dirt in the air, I now understand why I have all of the coughing and reaction to being outside.


Last winter, I moved the car from the carport and intended to run an errand. After cranking and backing onto the blacktop driveway, I pushed the brakes and they didn’t work. Uh-Oh!!! I used the emergency brake and stopped the car. I got out and saw where brake fluid had leaked all over the floor of the carport and I drove the car back into the carport parking spot. The cold weather isn’t good for working on cars – so, I had some time to decide what-to-do. I usually don’t drive the MG much in the winter because the heater isn’t warm enough for all the air that escapes the convertible top.

I bought some brake fluid and considered putting it in the reservior and trying to get some pressure in the system so that I could drive a short distance to a repair shop. I’m not very knowledgable about cars and also, not very confident of being able to drive about 5 miles in Atlanta traffic using a brake that could fail. I considered calling a tow truck, but – from previous experience, I know that ‘hook-up’ costs about $35 and the ride to the closest repair shop would be an additional $35. I decided that I would rather pay the tow fee than have an accident. But WAIT! — I was surfing the internet and saw on facebook that a mobile mechanic advertised he would repair your brakes ‘at-your-house’. Perfect – so, I talked with him and he agreed to come to my house, diagnose the leak problem and I would get the parts. Then, he would return and put them on the car for me. After he arrived, he indicated that he hadn’t worked on an MG before, but he took the tire off and looked at the brake system and said that it wasn’t substantially different from what he was used to repairing. He put a small amount of fluid into the reservoir, I pumped the brakes and he saw fluid coming from the driver-side caliper. I ordered some calipers and brake pads from Moss Motors. After they arrived, I contacted Brian again and we set an appointment for him to return and install them.  He began putting the driver-side caliper on and couldn’t get the old brake-line removed.  After realizing that “the brake-line was NOT coming off”, I called several auto parts stores and one said that the brake-lines that I needed were in their warehouse and they would have overnight delivery and availability in the morning at the store. The next morning, I went to the auto-parts store and picked them up – about $16 each – not bad. (At least, I didn’t have to pay for shipping.)  I had to wait a couple more days for Brian to return to my area. The perfect day came and he returned to finish installing the brake parts. I was very happy to have the car ‘driveable’ again. Spring is HERE! It is TOP-DOWN time!



Addendum:  I attended a ‘gear-head’ meeting one early Saturday morning at Dandy Donuts. I was talking with others about the MGB and one guy said that he had worked on them a lot. He then said something that has “stuck” with me every since — “They pee on the floor a lot.”  Well, here’s my proof of the latest brake fluid leak and previous oil-leaks, etc.  (I put kitty-litter on the latest major leak to try and soak-up some of the fluid.)




While I’m posting, I wanted to add a picture of an important event that is in the news today. Specifically, the headlines of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution newspaper.  A major interstate bridge collapsed onto a road. The road is usually busy and with the news, I haven’t heard of any injuries. Many side-roads are being used today in order for people to travel without being on the damaged interstate. I drove the MG to get gas and there were five-times the normal number of cars near my house on an artery road.  (I have to add that there is the beginning of a MAJOR road expansion near my house. Interstate I-285 (8-lanes across) which interchanges with GA-400 (about 6-lanes across) is being redesigned with “bridges” to transport more cars. I hope that it is well-built and that it doesn’t collapse in the future.)



Note: I installed a sheet of plastic in the carport to keep birds from building nests there. So far, I think it is working. (A few years ago, a bird built a nest in the carport and flew into the house several times when I opened the back door to come inside. I got tired of having to chase him out of the house. <To get him -out-, close doors of the room where he is flying around. Open outside door and walk away. The bird is frightenened and will fly outside at the first opportunity.>

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2016-07-25 – Just wanted to post a short sentence.

2016-07-25  I have Hagerty classic car insurance and received the Fall 2016 magazine today. In reading it, I found a sentence that I had never seen before.

Here it is (don’t you just ‘love’ it?) …   (page 59)

As the old auction block truism says: “If the top goes down, the price goes up.”

Sounds worth it for the sunshine alone.

(That’s it!)

2015-12-12_GAAtl-Motorcycle Broken

2015-12-12 Saturday – a beautiful day – Top Down in Atlanta

((Note: To make the type look LARGER, press the keyboard <Ctrl> Key and the <+> Key (above the equal “+” sign – use a Shift key for this) at the same time. To make the type look SMALLER, press the keyboard <Ctrl> Key and the <-> Key (minus sign) at the same time.))

I had some items on my shopping list and went to WalMart on a Saturday morning. I drove the MG with the top down and parked under the store in the garage. I had just entered the store with a shopping buggy and put 2 items in the cart when my cell phone rang. I answered and my older son told me that he had decided to ride his motorcycle to an event and it broke down on I-285 near Roswell Rd. I told him that I was shopping and drove the MG to the store. I asked if he wanted me to come pick him up. He said ‘yes’ and I got the location from him. I checked out with my 2 items and drove the MG to his location. He had intended to go fly with some of his friends in a B17 in about an hour. The place that he wanted to go was the Cherokee County airport. I asked him if he thought the MG would “make it that far” (I had been towed twice in the last few months with breakdowns.) He said ‘yes’ – so, I replied “We’ll see…”. He had secured his motorcycle with a helment lock and jumped into the MG. I drove and he was the navigator. The B17 is one of less that ten in the US that is flying – the others are in museums. The airplane was to fly over a cemetary ceremony and there was another airplane taking pictures of the flight. We didn’t waste any time on the side of the road with the motorcycle. Just after I arrived, he jumped in the MG and I started driving. From my house, he was about 5 miles and the airport was about 40 miles. I had just gotten gas in the MG and we had barely enough time to get to the airport. Thankfully, the car didn’t break down and we got there before the flight was to start. He was able to sit in the radio-operator seat and enjoy the flight. I waited on the ground for him to return. There were other “watchers” on the ground when the flight started, and several other “watchers” to come to the airport after they saw the airplane in the area. It was a great flight and afterward, we had to stop again for gas. The traffic and construction near the city was a big factor in our return drive. After traffic started backing up on the interstate, my navigator told me to get off at the exit and we took surface roads on the return. We went to his house, he drove his truck to the motorcycle. He had called his neighbor and a friend about the motorcycle and his neighbor went to Harbor Freight and bought a set of ramps. The friend was there to help push the motorcycle into the truck bed. My son was concerned about leaving the motorcycle for a short while on the side of the road, but it was still there and still broken when we returned.  (Note: My son told me later that the motorcycle stopped running because it was out-of-gas. DUH!) 

(Update: As I drove, my son smelled some gas when driving at highway speed, he thought that the gas wasn’t being burned in the combustion chamber because the electrical system wasn’t strong enough to ignite it in the cylinder. He thought that the culprit could be the ignition coil. A couple of years ago, I had bought an ignition coil but never installed it because someone told me that ‘it was the wrong kind’. It was for a racing car and not a driver, I think. So, I told m son that I would get another ignition coil and he said that he would put it in for me. Shortly after the motorcycle broke down, I did buy an ignition coil and he put it on for me. I believe in replacing older parts and I knew that this part was old and hadn’t been replaced since I owned the car.  Note: a couple of months ago, I went to a MG Tech Session on a Saturday morning. One of our MG club members told others that ‘he was coming to the session’ and he called telling us that his car broke down. He called a tow truck and near the end of the session, he and his car on the tow truck arrived. The opportunity for all of us to learn ‘what was wrong’ was there and our lead ‘tech’ analyzed that the broken part was the ignition coil. He replaced it and the car ran perfectly. A newletter several years ago technical article was that ‘ignition coils’ rarely go bad. And, that was the reason that I never got around to putting the one that I had in. I still have the racing coil extra-part and I’m not sure what I will do with it.)

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UnknownDate – The “Roach” Story

<<Note: To make the type look LARGER, press the keyboard <Ctrl> Key and the <+> Key (above the equal “+” sign) at the same time. To make the type look SMALLER, press the keyboard <Ctrl> Key and the <-> Key (minus sign) at the same time.>>

Unknown Date – around 2008 The “bug” story – in the southern US, they’re known as ‘roaches’
With my previous car, a ’76 Chevy Nova, my older son worked on my car for me. He had a ’75 Nova and knew every nut-and-bolt in the car. He lived at home, and attended college and taught me about many things about cars. I would buy tools and parts and would be the ‘go-for’ when he needed something and was under the car or in a spot where getting a part or tool was inconvenient. One day, he worked on my MGB and decided that all of the loose wrenches in the toolbox should be more organized. He only liked tools from Sears and told me to buy a ‘wrench ladder’. We had just repaired something on the MGB and had taken it for a ‘check-ride’. During the ride, I had place my pocketbook under my feet on the floorboard of the MG. It has a shoulder-strap and I placed the strap on my left-side of the seat. Note: That placement meant that the opening of the pocketbook was to the underside of the seat. (see picture) The next day, I went to work, as usual and after work, drove my ‘regular’ car to the nearest Sears store. I went to the tool area and a salesman asked me if he could help. I told him that I wanted a ‘wrench ladder’ and he found it for me. I pulled my purse out of my pocketbook and a large ‘southern’ roach fell off of the bottom of my purse onto the white tile floor. I was amazed that it came from my pocketbook and was quite shaken for a moment. The salesman was also amazed but didn’t say anything. Well – as things would happen, the roach started to crawl and would soon disappear under a nearby display if something wasn’t done quickly. I used my right foot and stepped on it – there was a typical ‘squash’ sound. (I certainly didn’t want to be the one to put a live roach in the store.) The salesman and I both were ‘beyond words’. The bug was dead and I was at a loss for what to say. As this story is being compiled a while after the event occurred, I can’t remember – what, if anything either of us said. We walked to a register, I paid for the wrench-ladder and left. I presume that the night-cleanup crew had the dubious honor of cleaning the dead bug from the floor. It was only later that I realized that the bug must have crawled into my pocketbook when we drove the MG on a check-ride and that it stayed in my pocketbook all day when I was at work. I am particularly scared of those type bugs because of a childhood memory. When I was about five-years-old, my mother told me to take a bath and she started the water running into the bathtub. While it was running, she told me to get into the tub and she would be back in a minute. I got into the tub and after a short-while, a roach flew into the bathtub water and was swimming towards ME! I was scared beyond words and S-C-R-E-A-M-E-D bloody murder! Mom thought that the water had become too hot and was scalding me or something horrible happened and came running down the house hall as fast as she could. There was a closet at the end of the hall, she hit her left elbow on the door of the closet and fell. She couldn’t get up from the floor. I had been attending kindergarten and Miss Lelia, the teacher, lived a few houses away. Mom told me to pick up the receiver of the phone and told me how to dial the numbers. When Miss Lelia answered, she told me to ask her to come to the my house. Mom was taken to the hospital and had broken her arm. I don’t remember much of what happened next, I guess that Miss Lelia took care of me. I also remember going to visit Aunt Myrtle for a while. I’ve been deathly afraid of roaches ever since.



(Definition: “Roach” – a southern insect that is dark brown or black, about 2 inches long, flies with wings, and is UGLY! To the best of my knowledge, they can’t ‘hurt’ you, but they can leave droppings all over the place that can carry diseases. In the southern U.S., they can live in the yard in pine needles and leaves. They crawl into houses through tiny cracks (and under doors) and have to be controlled with insect chemicals.)
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2015-04-27 GAAtl- Tow-Truck Time

2015-04-27 GA,Atl – Tow-Truck Time

2015-04-27_GASndySpr,nearWoodlandElem-MGB(beingTowed) (4)
((Note: To make the type look LARGER, press the keyboard <Ctrl> Key and the <+> Key (above the equal “+” sign – use a Shift key for this) at the same time. To make the type look SMALLER, press the keyboard <Ctrl> Key and the <-> Key (minus sign) at the same time.))
In the spring, I have to start mowing the lawn so I buy a full, plastic tank of gasoline. If I don’t use the gas within a short period of time, it goes ‘stale’ and I pour it into the MGB so it will mix with the fresh gas and get used quickly – because I drive the MG a lot in the spring. (It’s “top-down” time.)
Anyway, I drove the MG to visit my son and his family and I planned to return home around dusk. When I had driven the MG only a few blocks from his house, it quit running – engine just went dead. I was rolling in some bumper-to-bumper traffic and I coasted to the entrance of a subdivision before stopping. I tried to crank it on the side of the road and I had the feeling that wasn’t going to crank so I opened the hood. I just wanted to see if there was anything obvious that was amiss. After not finding anything, I called my son who came and looked to see if he saw anything. He noticed that there was NO gas in the see-through fuel filter under the hood. He knew that there wasn’t anything that neither he nor I could do on the side of the road, so I called a tow-truck. In Atlanta, the tow-companies place trucks on the interstates during rush hour so that traffic may be cleared quickly if there is a break-down or wreck. After giving the dispatcher my address, the tow-truck appeared in a few minutes. I gave him the repair shop that I wanted to take the car to and he agreed to give me a ride close to my house. The repair shop was a seven-mile trip and the corner that I wanted to be dropped close my house was only a little out-of-the way. After arriving home, I called the repair shop and they were in-process of closing for the day and told me that the tow truck had just arrived with the car. They would put it inside the building before locking up and they would look at it tomorrow.
On the following day, I called the repair shop and told them that I was driving the car and it quit running. My son had noticed that there was no fuel in the see-through filter and he thought that the problem was the fuel-pump. It is located under the car behind the passenger seat. Late in the afternoon, the repair shop called and told me that the problem was, indeed, the fuel-pump and they will work on the replacement for it the next day. Well, the next day, they did replace the fuel-pump and were gracious in giving me a ride to the shop to pick up the car. It ran well and I made it home without any problem. I talked with the mechanic who repaired it, and he said that one of his family members had an older MG that he used to work on. He made me feel good about having it towed to a local-shop rather than the specialty-shops that I normally use. I have to admit that I’ve learned that mechanics who don’t know about MG’s have a ‘learning-curve’ on my dime and that it’s best to let someone with experience work on it – when possible. I stress ‘when-possible’ because the specialty mechanics that I use are at least 30 miles away and I have “transportation-issues” when I have to use public-transportation and/or find someone who will take me.
Now – to the root cause of the problem with the fuel-pump. Remember that I started the story about putting gas from the red, plastic gasoline can into the MGB. Well, there’s a little more to be told. My helpful neighbor had used his air-blower to clean the leaves from my carport floor for me. The thing was – I had put a long, plastic bag over the gasoline spout to prevent debris from getting into the gasoline. The bag was loose over the spout and, I’m convinced, that during the blowing of the leaves, a piece of a leaf just large enough to go UP the bag and DOWN the spout got into the gas that I poured into the MG. Since ‘the incident’, I’ve placed another long bag over the spout and tie it to the container so that the end is not open. Furthermore, I always place the gas can near the wall of the house so that having an air-blower close to it is less likely. Anyway, it was an expensive lesson in putting gas into the car. In the future, I plan to only use the gas from the filling station in the MG, and to buy smaller quantities of gas for the mower. (Note: the old fuel-pump was less than seven years old and I think that the pump was in-no-way worn-out.)
Continuation of story: another tow-truck time. About 5 weeks after the new fuel-pump was installed, I was driving near my house and the car engine began running really rough. I was in heavy traffic going downhill and I tried to keep the car running. I was successful of driving through a stop-light with the flow of the traffic, but – I came to the bottom of the hill and the car cut-off and I coasted to the middle-turn lane of the road. I was at another traffic light and it was obvious to me that the car wasn’t going to start. I got out and put the hood up into the air. I called the local mechanic who had repaired the fuel-pump and told him that the car quit running, I was in a turn-lane at a stoplight and neede a tow. I asked what was the name of the company that they use. They replied that they would call the tow-company for me. I gave them my location and waited inside the car. Other traffic was going around me and not long after I ended the phone-call, a policeman arrived. He asked me what was the matter and I told him that the car quit running and wouldn’t crank. Furthermore, I said that I had called a tow truck and was told that it was on-the-way and close. He said that it was ‘too dangerous’ for me to remain in the middle lane and said that he would push the MG up a short hill where I could roll into the entrance of the nearby school. I said “OK” and put the hood down. I got inside and turned the wheel to the school entrance, his police car blocked traffic from driving in that lane, he pushed me a short distance, the car began rolling downhill into the school entrance and I let it roll to a stop in a parking space a few feet away. I got out and went to the corner to look for the tow truck. The policeman was out-of-my-view and he may have run a check on the license while I stood at the corner looking for the tow truck. Eventually, he drove away and I waved to him as he left. The tow truck saw me standing at the corner and I waved my right arm to turn into the school. He did and saw the car and put it on the rollback. He didn’t have room for me in the cab to ride and I was a short-walk from home. I told him that I would walk home and he towed the car to the mechanic. Well – I don’t understand why it broke down, but later, the mechanic said that the fuel-pump that was installed must have been bad. It was under warranty and all I had to pay for was the tow truck. So — TWO tow experiences in a short period of time. I hope that I don’t have more tow-truck experiences anytime soon and that the car runs good for a while. (With an MG, you’ve got to expect something to break every-once-in-a while. It’s the nature of the car!)
That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. (These are the words in a song that Jimmy Buffett wrote. If I recall correctly, the song has something to do with “the dog ate my homework”.)

2015-04-27_GAAtlanta-MGBLicensePlate(RagTopDay)2015-04-27_GAAtl,RedPlasticGasolineContainer-withSpout12015-04-27_GAAtl,RedPlasticGasolineContainer-withSpout2015-04-27_GASndySpr,nearWoodlandElem-MGB(beingTowed) (3)2015-04-27_GASndySpr,nearWoodlandElem-MGB(beingTowed) (5)
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2015-08-13_GAAtl-Car Repair and Rainstorm on the way home

2015-08-13 GA,Atlanta -Car Repair- and -Rainstorm- on the way home!

((Note: To make the type look LARGER, press the keyboard <Ctrl> Key and the <+> Key (above the equal “+” sign – use a Shift key for this) at the same time. To make the type look SMALLER, press the keyboard <Ctrl> Key and the <-> Key (minus sign) at the same time.))
I’ve had several problems with the car this summer. One of them was the fuel-pump and the other was just general old-parts wearing out.
The MG club has had tech-sessions at a mechanics-shop that specializes in MGB’s – the owner has a race car and has lots of experience with these cars. I saw fluid leaking from the passenger rear wheel and knew that I shouldn’t drive much with this condition. I called the repair shop and asked about getting it repaired. The owner told me what parts to order, and I called Moss Motors for wheel cylinders, rear axel seals and brake pads. I made an appointment and drove to his shop early one morning. I knew that the repair would take the day and I waited in the customer-area while the work was done. The shop told me that ‘my car has a lot of rust’ and there were complications because it was so old. BUT, they replaced the old parts and I was driving it again so I was happy. When paying the bill and preparing to leave, they told me “the clutch is leaking fluid too”. — On NO! — (Note: At a previous tech session, it was noted that several cars needed U-joints. I have kept a pretty good track of the parts that I’ve replaced so far and knew that I had not replaced the U-joints. So-o-o, when I was running errands one day, I stopped at a local parts store and got U-joints and asked that the repair shop add these parts to my list for the day.)
I asked them what I needed to get that fixed, they told me the parts to order and we began ROUND TWO. When I returned home, I ordered the parts for the clutch, and added a speedometer cable to the order. (The speedometer hadn’t worked since I owned the car). After the parts arrived, I called for an appointment and, again, made an appointment and drove there early one morning. Also, again, I waited in the customer-area for the repair to be completed. Oh yeah! In the MG club newsletter, I placed an ad stating that I wanted to buy a rollbar. One of the club members no longer wanted the one that he had so he sold it to me. I asked the shop if they would install it for me – and they did indeed install it for me. YEAH! (OK – I have to be honest here, I had another item on the ‘list’ for today. The wires for the 9-volt plug were visible on the console hump and they were not connected. I thought that if I had the plug available, then I could use it with an old GPS that I had. I asked the shop to connect the 9-volt plug wires for me – and they did. They had to use a wiring chart to know which wires to connect since there were several unconnected wires in the console.)
After all the repairs were completed that day, I was advised to ‘get-away’ before the traffic became heavy at 5:00pm. It was about 4:15pm and I knew that I could probably manage the heavy traffic – what concerned me was driving on the interstate at high speed with a lot of traffic. (The convertible top was down.) What I SHOULD have been concerned about was a thunder-storm that was approaching my house from the south, as I drove toward the house from the north! The heavy traffic flow was moving pretty fast until about 3 miles from the Ga-400 and I-285 interchange (two major roads in the city). As I approached the traffic-cloverleaf, rear taillights were seen in the traffic as bumper-to-bumper congestion caused a major slowdown and the thunder-storm lightning was not far away. The last exit before the interchange is a couple of miles north of the traffic-cloverleaf and as I approached the area, a few rain drops fell. I considered the option of just getting wet and then drying off when I got home -OR- getting off the road on the next ramp and try to find shelter. It was an instataneous decision to pull onto the exit (across 2 lanes of traffic) and look for a parking garage. Fortunately, there weren’t many cars on the exit and I was able to pass through a couple of traffic lights without incident. As quickly as I could, I turned into the “King and Queen” Concourse office-complex and found a parking deck. The parking-deck wooden-arms were down across the lane and only people with keycards were allowed, -BUT- on the right bottom of the garage was a “delivery” entrance. There weren’t many vehicles in that area and there was no ‘arm’ across the area to prevent me from entering. I pulled into a parking spot with a sign “for deliveries only – all violators will be towed”. I planned to stay with the car and would take my chances of being discovered. A hard-rain began falling as I pulled into the the parking-deck. I turned the car engine off as I anticipated waiting a while.
I got out and looked at the top down. The see-through-plastic-window back-snaps were unfastened and the rollbar had just been installed. (see pictures) Many items in the back area of the car behind the seats were put in the trunk during the installation to get them out of the way. I pulled the cloth-top over the rollbar and clamped the front-clamps onto the top windshield. In the past, I’ve had to request help in order to clamp the top to the windshield because the back-snaps were tight. In this instance, with the back snaps loose, the front clamps were easy. (This was the first time that the back-snaps had been pulled out since my brother had installed the canvas convertible top many years ago. Previously, I had always put the top-down on top of them.) Anyway, I always carry a couple of pieces of string for emergency tie down situations and I pulled them out. I tied two pieces of string to the bar that holds the bottom cloth to near the trunk and waited for the rain to subside. It was about 4:45pm and I knew that the heaviest traffic would be around 5:00pm. The rain was lighter and I decided to leave the parking-deck delivery area knowing that I was only about 4 miles from my house. There were a few stoplights with bumper-to-bumper traffic and light rain for the remainder of my drive. I made it home without either me -or- a lot of my stuff in the car getting wet. I was happy.
Note: For the repairs performed in addition to the installation of the rollbar, I had a clutch master and slave cylinders installed, a speedometer cable, and a voltage regulator for the tachometer. The Moss catalog does not have a speedometer cable angle drive available and the shop owner had one available from a ‘junk’ car. I got lucky in getting that part – count-my-lucky-stars. I had gotten up at 6am in order to get to the repair shop by 7am – the opening. I was tired when I returned home, it had been a long day.
Shop Description:07/31/2015 90823=mileage (note: no change from previous service – because of the broken odometer)
Service Description:
The right side axle seal had failed and was replaced along with the rear axle bearing. Both rear wheel cylinders were replaced along with the rear brake shoes. The brake system was flushed out and bled as needed after properly adjusting the brakes.
The next item to address is the clutch hydraulics which are leaking. There is a significant amount of rust on and under the vehicle that needs to be gotten under control. The lower radiator hose is leaking and probably should be replaced along with using
The speedometer cable needs replacement before determining if any other issues exist.
The lighter recepticle was mounted properly. Wiring diagrams were consulted to determine which of the many disconnected wires were for it. The power wire (purple) was connected. A black ground wire needed to be fabricated to have the correct terminal styl
This job was made much more difficult due to the rusted and broken off circlips in the original joints.
Shop Description:
8/13/2015 90823=mileage (I want to note the mileags as the odometer hadn’t worked since I got the car from my brother. Now I will be able to tell how many miles I’m able to drive with the gas I purchase.)
Service Description:
Replace the clutch hydraulics and bleed the system as required.
Replace the lower radiator hose clamp using a band clamp in place of the wire clamp.
Replace the speedometer cable and angle drive.
Replace the voltage stabilizer.
Install the roll bar supplied by the customer.

—Another ‘MG’ story—
This one happened a long time ago – I had driven the MG to the local big-box hardware store. I had purchased my items, and had walked to the car and was opening the door. A man and his young son walked by and he said without stopping, “Nice car.” I replied before he passed too far away to hear – “Only you and I could look at this car and say that it is ‘nice’!”. As I drive around the city, I notice how many cars are newer and much ‘nicer’. However, the MG is unusual and often gets attention.
More recently, I was at the same local big-box hardware store and had returned to the car. I got inside and was fastening the seat-belt when someone was outside the driver side holding a cellphone up in the air. He said as I looked at him, “Do you mind me taking a picture?” I replied, “No, feel free to do it.” and I drove away. How many times have you had someone take a picture of your car because you were brave enough to drive a piece of junk?
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